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Biostatistics Seminars

The Biostatistics seminar series includes research-focused talks by division faculty and other guests. All seminars are free and open to faculty, students and staff.

Upcoming and Recent Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sept 17 Murray Clayton University of Wisconsin – Madison Functional Concurrent Linear Regression Models for Spatial Images
Sep 24 Jeff Goldsmith Columbia University Generalized Multilevel Function-on-Scalar Regression and Principal Component Analysis
Oct 1 Wenbin Lu NC State University On Estimation of Optimal Treatment Regimes for Maximizing t-Year Survival Probability
Oct 22 Dean Follmann National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Vaccine Effciacy from the Virion’s Perspective
Oct 29 Rebecca C. Steorts Carnegie Mellon University Methods for Quantifying Conflict Casualties in Syria
Nov 19 Yanxun Xu The University of Texas at Austin MAD Bayes for Modeling Tumor Heterogeneity Using Haplotype Variants
Dec 3 Shili Lin Ohio State University Robust Partial Likelihood Approach for Detecting Imprinting and Maternal Effects using Case-control Families
Dec 5 Jian Kang Emory University Bayesian Feature Selection for Ultra-high Dimensional Imaging Data
Dec 8 Linlin Zhang Rice University Spatio-temporal Bayesian Nonparametric Variable Selection Models of fMRI Data
Dec 15 Alyssa Frazee Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Case Studies in Genomic Data Science: RNA-seq Analysis beyond Gene Counting
Dec 19 Luo Xiao Johns Hopkins University Quantifying the Lifetime Circadian Rhythm of Physical Activity: A Covariate-dependent Functional Data Approach
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan 26 Lin Zhang The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Functional CAR Models for Large Spatially Correlated Functional Datasets
Jan 30 Linda Valeri Harvard School of Public Health Understanding Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Survival – A Counterfactual Approach for Conceptual and Missing Data Issues
Feb 6 Jennifer Bobb Harvard School of Public Health Beyond the One-exposure, One-outcome Paradigm for Scientific Discovery in Environmental Epidemiology
Feb 9 Ali Shojaie University of Washington Inference in High Dimensions with the Penalized Score Test
Feb 10 Yuan Wang The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Statistical Modeling of Correlated Objects
Feb 18 Ming Tan Georgetown University Design and Statistical Modeling of Multidrug Interactions in Preclinical Studies and Clinical Trials
Feb 25 Alisa Stephens University of Pennsylvania Modeling the Effect of Blood Pressure on Disease Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease Using Multistate Marginal Structural Models
Mar 4 Rebecca Andridge The Ohio State University Using the Fraction of Missing Information to Identify Auxiliary Variables for Imputation Procedures via Proxy Pattern-Mixture Models
Mar 25 Kai Wang University of Iowa Robust Estimation of 3-D Chromosome Structure from Hi-C Chromatin Interaction Data
Apr 1 Christopher Paciorek University of California, Berkeley Beyond the Black Box: Flexible Programming of Hierarchical Modeling Algorithms for BUGS-compatible Models using NIMBLE
Apr 15 Margaret Short University of Alaska Fairbanks A Bayesian Analysis of Daily Weir Counts for Estimating Chinook Salmon Escapement
Apr 22 Yu Shen The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Challenge and Promise of Observational Studies in Cancer Research
Apr 29 Jeffrey Blume Vanderbilt University Multiple Comparisons, fMRI Imaging and One Brave (but Dead) Atlantic Salmon
May 6 Jasmine Foo University of Minnesota Evolutionary Dynamics in Spatially Structured Populations

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Biostatistics Plan B Presentation 2:00 pm
Biostatistics Plan B Presentation
Jul 10 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Masters candidate in Biostatistics, Jonah Popp, will present: “Evaluating the Effects of Two Enhancements of the Quit and Win Contest on Smoking Behavior: An Analysis of Repeated Measures Zero-Modified and Overdispersed Count Data” Plan B[...]
Biostatistics PhD Presentation 12:00 pm
Biostatistics PhD Presentation
Jul 13 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
PhD candidate in Biostatistics, Debashree Ray, will present: “Statistical Modeling and Testing for Joint Association in Genome-Wide Association Studies” PhD Advisor: Saonli Basu Abstract: Most common diseases are complex genetic traits, with multiple genetic and[...]
Biostatistics Plan B Presentation 2:00 pm
Biostatistics Plan B Presentation
Jul 17 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Masters candidate in Biostatistics, Xiang Li, will present: “Exploring Spatial Models for Periodontal Disease Data with Non-ignorable Missingness via OpenBUGS” Plan B Advisor: Dipankar Bandyopadhyay Abstract: A periodontal exam usually collects information regarding the condition[...]
Biostatistics Plan B Presentation 10:30 am
Biostatistics Plan B Presentation
Jul 20 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Masters candidate in Biostatistics, Charlotte Bolch, will present: “Propensity Weighted Competing Risks Analysis: an Application on Long-term Risk of Urinary Adverse Events after Prostate Cancer Treatments” Plan B Advisor: Haitao Chu Abstract: Prostate cancer is[...]

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