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Public Health Emergency Training (PHET)

Online Modules

phet 1Learn at your own pace with awareness level online modules that cover topics critical to Emergency Preparedness. Each module takes 20-40 minutes and offers a certificate of completion.

Skill Development Guides

phet 2Enhance you understanding with the Skill Development Guides. Activities and scenarios are presented that build on content from the online modules and are ideal for group discussion. Click here to see the full list in pdf and printed formats.

  • Disease Surveillance
  • Contact Investigation
  • Special Populations

Dirty Bomb! After the Blast (Online Simulation)

largebombApply the concepts you learned in the online modules to the “Dirty Bomb! After the Blast” simulation where you use your public health emergency skills to make decisions on behalf of the responders.

During a political rally for Senator Lund, the unexpected happens – a Dirty Bomb! The community needs you to use your public health emergency skills to make decisions on behalf of the responders during the emergency response. In this online simulation, you will complete three missions.

Mission 1: Dirty Bomb Decontamination
The Senator and her traveling party were not injured, but need to be decontaminated. Your task is to setup and conduct a radiological decontamination for this small group after they are whisked away from the site of the explosion.

Mission 2: Mass Fatalities Operational Sites
Hours after the explosion, the disaster is declared a mass fatalities incident. Determine where the Mass Fatalities Operational Sites will be located and advise their operation during the response.

Mission 3: Community Assistance Center
Two weeks after the disaster, the community is in need of Disaster Mental Health resources. Setup a Community Assistance Center to provide services to the members of the community as they struggle to recover.

This simulation is designed to be utilized after you have completed the associated PHET Online Modules: Decontamination, Mass Fatalities, Crisis Intervention during Disaster, and Special Populations. Your voluntary participation in this simulation will provide data for an evaluation of the PHET modules.

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