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Research Interests: Competition and competitive healthcare markets, health insurance, financial incentives in healthcare, public reporting, employer strategies for purchasing healthcare, implementation of evidence-based treatment processes in healthcare organizations, and tr

Professor, Health Policy & Management

Address Division of Health Policy & Management 420 Delaware Street SE, 15-225 PWB MMC 729 Minneapolis MN 55455 United States Work Phone: 612-625-3849
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Jon Christianson holds the James A. Hamilton Chair in Health Management in the Health Policy and Management. His research specialties include evaluation of treatment processes, competition and competitive health care markets, health insurance, and financial incentives in health care. His current research interests include the public performing of provider performance, employer strategies for purchasing health care, implementation of evidence- based treatment processes in health care organizations, and tracking change in health care markets.

  • PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974
  • MS, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1972
  • BA, Mathematics and Economics, St. Olaf College, 1968

Professional Experience:

  • 2002-Present, Synthesis Project Advisory Group, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation;
  • 2007 Chair, Academy Health Annual Research Meeting;
  • 1994 Co-Chairperson, Seventh Biennial Research Conference on the Economics of Mental Health;
  • 1998-2000, Subcommittee on Maximizing the Value of Health Investments, Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences;
  • Current member of IOM/NAS Board on Health Services and also Committiee on Geographic Adjustments in Medicare Payments;
  • Current editorial appointments: Journal of Health Administration Education; American Journal of Managed Care


  • 1995, Recipient, Annual Research Award, National Institute for Healthcare Management

Selected Publications:

  • Christianson, J. B., Warrick, J. H., Finch, M., & Jonas, W., “Physician Communication with Patients: Research Findings and Challenges,” Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2012.
  • Powell, A. A., White, K. M., Partin, M. R., Halek, K., Christianson, J. B., et al. ”Unintended Consequences of Implementing a National Performance Measurement System into Local Practice,” Journal of General Internal Medicine, Vol. 27, No. 4 (2012), PP. 405-412.
  • Alexander, J. A., Hearld, L. R., Christianson, Jon. B., Hasnain-Wynia, R., & Martsolf, G. R, “Consumer Trust in Sources of Physician Quality Information,”  Medical Care Research and Review, Vol. 68, No. 4 (2011), pp. 421-440.
  • Christianson, Jon B. and Douglas Conrad, “Provider Payment and Incentives,” Oxford Handbook of Health Economics , Oxford University Press, 2011, pp. 624-628.
  • Adair, Richard, Christianson, Jon B, Wholey, Douglas, White, Katie M., Town, Robert, Lee, Suhna, Britt, Heather, Lund, Peter, Lukasewycz, Anya, and Elumba, Deborah, “Care Guides. Employing Nonclinical Laypersons to Health Primary Care Teams Manage Chronic Disease,” Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, Vol. 35, No. 1 (2011), pp. 1-11.
  • Christianson, Jon B., Karen Volmar, Jeffrey Alexander, and Dennis P. Scanlon, “A Report Card on Provider Report Cards: Current Status of the Health Care Transparency Movement,” Journal of General Internal Medicine, Vol. 25, No. 11 (November 2010), pp. 1235-1241.
  • Alexander, Jeffrey A., Jon B. Christianson, Larry R. Hearld, Robert Hurley, and Dennis P. Scanlon, “Challenges of Capacity Building in Multi-sector Community Health Alliances,” Health Education and Behavior, Vol. 37, No. 5 (October, 2010), pp. 645-663.
  • Christianson, Jon B. “Foreward, Special Supplemental Issue: Interventions to Improve Care Delivery,” guest editor, Medical Care Research and Review, Supplement to Vol. 66 (December 2009), pp. 3S-4S.
  • Sutherland, Kim, Jon B. Christianson and Sheila Leatherman, “Impact of Targeted Financial Incentives on Personal Health Behavior: A Review of the Literature,” Medical Care Research and Review, Supplement to Vol. 65, No. 6 (December 2008), pp. 36S-78S.
  • Christianson, Jon B., Sheila Leatherman and Kim Sutherland, “Lessons from Evaluations of Purchaser Pay-for-Performance Programs: A Review of the Evidence,” Medical Care Research and Review, Supplement to Vol. 65, No. 6 (December 2008), pp. 5S-35S.
  • Scanlon, Dennis, Richard Lindrooth and Jon B. Christianson, “Steering Patients to Safer Hospitals? The Effect of a Tiered Hospital Network on Hospital Admissions,” HSR: Health Services Research Vol. 43, No. 5, Part II (October 2008), pp. 1849-1867.
  • Christianson, Jon B., Paul Ginsburg and Deborah Draper, “The Transition from Managed Care to Consumerism: A Community-Level Status Report,” Health Affairs Vol. 27, No. 5 (September/October 2008), pp. 1362-1370.
  • Scanlon, Dennis, Jon B. Christianson, and Eric Ford, “Hospital Responses to the Leapfrog Group in Local Markets,” Medical Care Research and Review Vol. 65, No. 2 (2008), pp. 207-231.

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