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Research Interests:Public health policy as a prevention strategy; Community-based strategies for chronic disease prevention; Tobacco Policy Research Group

Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology & Community Health

Address Div. Epidemiology & Community Health 1300 S. 2nd Street, Suite 300 Minneapolis MN 55454 United States Work Phone: 612-626-8864
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Jean Forster has research interests in chronic disease risk reduction strategies, particularly community-level policy intervention studies in alcohol, tobacco control, UV exposure and equity in health, especially among American Indians. She teaches Public Health Policy as a Prevention Strategy and Legislative Advocacy Skills for Public Health.

  • Ph.D. in Genetics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • M.P.H. in Community Health Education, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC



Community Intervention, Community-Based Research, Health Equity, Policy / Politics, Tobacco, Tobacco: Policy, Tobacco: Prevention

Tobacco Policy Research Group Studies:

  • American Indian Community Tobacco Project (AICTP)
  • Clean Indoor Air Consequences (CIAC)
  • MN Adolescent Community Cohort Study (MACC)
  • Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation (TFYR)
  • Tobacco Policy Options for Prevention (TPOP)
  • Tobacco Free Future (TFF)

Professional Experience:

  • 1999-present: Professor, Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2004-2007: Associate Director for Training, Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1992-1999: Associate Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1988-1992: Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • 1987-1988: Research Associate, Division of Epidemiology, Univ of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


  • 2011: School of Pubic Health Excellence in Advising Award
  • 2001: Lynn Smith Award, American Cancer Society
  • 1994: Hochbaum Distinguished Lecturer, University of North Carolina School of Public Health
  • 1993: Leonard Schuman Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 1992: Public Health Achievement Award, Minnesota Public Health Association
  • 1986-1989: Kellogg National Fellowship 1988: Delta Omega 1976: Sigma Xi

Selected Publications:

  • Chen V, Forster JL. The long-term effect of local policies to restrict retail sale of tobacco to youth. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 8(3):371-377, 2006.
  • Widome R, Forster JL, Hannan PJ, Perry CL. Longitudinal patterns of youth access to cigarettes and smoking progression: Minnesota Adolescent Community Cohort (MACC) study (2000-2001). Preventive Medicine 45:442-446, 2007. PMCID: PMC2255062
  • Alesci N, Forster J, Erickson D. Did youth smoking behaviors change before and after the shutdown of Minnesota Youth Tobacco Prevention Initiative? Nicotine & Tobacco Research 11(10):1196-1204, 2009.  PMCID: PMC2746837
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  • Au-Yeung CM, Weisman SR, Hennrikus DJ, Forster JL, Skoog R, Luneberg W, Hesse, B. An Evaluation of health benefit modification in Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds: implications for encouraging tobacco cessation coverage. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 39(6SI):S30-S36, 2010.
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