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Research Interests:

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

Address Academic Health Center, Mayo Memorial Building Suite 1232 12th Floor, MMC807 420 Delaware St. SE Minneapolis MN 55455 Work Phone: 612-624-0132 Work Fax: 612-626-4837 Website: HumNat Lab
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Research Interests

Spatio-temporal analysis, modeling, and management of complex systems:(excerpta)

  • computational and theoretical complexity science for health
  • exposome-bio-diseasome, multiscale health
  • personalized health, system pathology
  • complex system modeling in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • ecosystem and human health interface
  • global health, one health, health system planning and management
  • multiscale food safety assessment with focus on the supply chain
  • food system complexity: safety, security, quality, value
  • waterbone, foodborne and zoonotic disease modeling
  • quantitative public policy via scenario modeling
  • cancer epidemiology and detection of multifactor causality and interaction
  • exposome genome diseasome
  • multiscale assessment of systemic networked risks
  • art in science

Research carried out via: (excerpta)

  • big-data analysis and inference with small data
  • dynamic factor analysis, cross convergence mapping, Granger causality
  • network models
  • agent-based modeling (metacommunity and metapopulation)
  • maximum entropy models
  • global sensitivity and uncertainty analyses
  • metamodeling and aesthetic computing
  • mental modeling and stakeholder preference assessment
  • risk and decision analysis
  • portfolio resource prioritization and optimization under risk, decisions, and uncertainty
  • theoretical development of information-theoretical models, spatial point processes, transport phenomena, scaling and allometry


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