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School of Public Health minors give students in other disciplines an opportunity to integrate a foundation in public health theories and practice. Our minor programs include:

Graduate Minor in Biostatistics
Designed for students in non-biostatistics graduate degree programs at the University of Minnesota, and is available for both MS and PhD students.

Graduate Minor in Gerontology
Provides a multidisciplinary foundation for graduate, doctoral and professional students who want a broad understanding of aging to better serve future clients and patients.

Graduate Minor in Public Health (freestanding)
Available to students enrolled in master’s and doctoral programs outside of the School of Public Health; includes a graduate-level course in environmental health, epidemiology and biostatistics.

Doctoral Minor in Epidemiology
Two options for students pursuing this minor: Option 1 is for students with prior epidemiology training; Option 2 is for students without extensive epidemiology or biostatistics training.

Doctoral Minor in HSRP&A (including focus in Health Economics)
Applies microeconomic theory to the main economic issues in the healthcare sector, such as demand for health care and health insurance, the structure of optimal health insurance policies, and industrial organization problems.

Undergraduate Minor in Public Health
Collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Public Health; includes coursework from both entities. Ideal for undergraduate students in liberal arts and other majors who are interested in public health issues.

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